Examples of our work for clients

We have been working with many clients over the years in developing strategies, inventing digital futures and executing innovation projects.

Our typical clients are; - Enterprises in industries with disruption potential. We work for a multitude of segments; Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Maritime. Where we help to discover and invent businesses. - (Semi) Governmental organisations like Utilities, Port Autorities, Cities. - Investment firms and funds, to analyse and perform due dilligence on companies from a technology perspective - Technology vendors, like Telecom Operators, Connected Technology vendors etc.

Some examples of what we have been working on per segment are

Segment Example projects
Agriculture E-learning strategy and vendor selection for a seed firm, Inspiration and Innovation strategy for a player in the Juice industry, Inspiration and innovation strategy for a major international dairy vendor, Strategy safari and innovation strategy for an Agriculture vehicle players
Finance & Insurance E-HRM Strategy for a leading Bank, Chief Entrepreneur for a venture firm, Innovation assessement for an investment fund, Multiple Commercial and Technical Due Dilligence project for investors.
Healthcare We act as Chief Technology Officer for a care technology vendor.
Human resources E-HRM strategy, Chatbot project for multiple players
Real estate Innovation strategy and methodology for a leading construction firm, Smart Energy strategy for a infrastructure player.
Transport & Logistics Inspiration sessions for a public transport company, innovation sessions and board sessions for a transport company.
Telecom, Utilities & Energy IoT Platform strategy, vendor selection and Go to market execution for a major Tier 1 telecom operator, to grow from connectivity only to end to end; IoT Platform strategy, vendor selection and venture planning for an MVNO, to develop ; eSIM strategy for several Telecom Operators ; Smart Home strategy for a telecom operator ; Security portfolio development for a Tier 1 Operator, adding Industrial IoT security and other security products to the portfolio. ; Fiber to the home strategy and optimization ; Telecom strategy for smart grid and smart metering ; Smart metering tender support
Government Smart City assessment for a European City; Smart City assessment for a Middle Eastern City ; Smart City assessment for a major investment firm.; Innovation sessions and strategy for a public transportation company
Technology Smart Home strategy for Security firm, Smart Home strategy for multiple other players.

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