Our services

We are an international network of independent entrepreneurs that coach you to self-disrupt your business and co-invest into your sustainable future. We are powered by the DigiGurus team, software, methodologies and knowledge to accelerate your business. We are natural disruptors and help you to find, explore and exploit unthought potential and breakthrough potential of your organisation.


Our teams use our strategy framework and methodologies like Breaking Silos and Self-Disrupt, combined with the data from our leading researchers and tools, to discover and design strategies for breakthroughs, unexpected value and growth. In close collaboration with your own team of innovators. We provide this as advisory but also as C-level coaching to provide continuous support.

Transform, Innovate & monetize

The craftsmanship of developing breakthrough propositions, services and experiences is brought in by the DigiGurus team, to support and guide your organisation. We apply our proven methodologies, but combine that with knowledge and behavioral tools like DG Vita and DG Academy.


As entrepreneurs we are motivated by real growth and capturing of the market potential we design for, therefor we often build and co-invest in ventures together with you. With our massive network in startups, Commercial and Technical Due-Diligence capabilities and team of motivated entrepreneurs we not only strategize but actually build your future with skin in the game.

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